Sunday, March 11, 2007


The American Research Group published a new poll on the presidential race. While I will be the first to agree that it is too early for polls to tell you a lot, they are still of interest. However, this morning on Meet The Press they quoted a poll that showed 73% of the electorate is ‘actively’ watching the presidential primary process. I was really surprised by that so maybe this year early polls may be more important than in the past.

In any case, Senator McCain continues to be in a strong position. On a national level, the poll shows Giuliani at 34% and McCain at 30% among republican contenders. This is within the 4% margin of error and is a bit closer than other polls that have been published recently. But this poll also looked at some important primary states and shows McCain ahead in NH, FL, MI and SC, with Giuliani in second place.

McCain is taking heat with his support of the Iraq war so anything can happen depending on what happens on the ground there. But McCain’s experience and record and some early wins in these primaries would go a long way toward making him the republican nominee.