Saturday, January 06, 2007

Mitt’s No New Tax Pledge Flip Flop

It’s been awhile since I last posted due to the holidays. Now that they are past and the candidate announcements begin, I look forward to lots of tidbits to share with you.

Today we see Mitt Romney is back in the news. Now that Mitt Romney is no longer Governor and clearly planning to run, the fun will start as we see him attempt to re-engineer himself to be more acceptable to conservatives. Recently Mitt took a no new taxes pledge. Interesting he did not take one while Governor. He is taking heat for the flip-flop. Two articles worth reading are Scott Helman of the Boston Globe and David Brody of CBN News. In Brody’s article he quotes Dr. Jerry Zandstra, President of the Pro-Life Federation of Michigan, as saying if this was his only flip flop Mitt could position it as seeing the way. Unfortunately Zandstra points out that it won’t be his only change of heart.

I’d love to debate Mitt and call him on these flip flops. But it will be just as much fun when he gets called on the campaign trail.