Thursday, December 07, 2006

McCain Stands By Principles on Iraq

The Iraq report is out and no surprise, winning is not an option. What’s most amazing to me is that there are apparently intelligent people who actually think we can talk (negotiate) with the president of Iran. What don’t they get? What don’t they see? Do they not understand that Iran can’t be trusted? Do they not see that Iran wishes us harm?

In anticipation of the report, McCain stood tall for his convictions and principles. Larry Kudlow’s article covering John’s comments does a great job in summarizing my opinions previously expressed about the Senator. McCain’s concept of you win or lose wars is right on! His belief that you don’t compromise for national security is right on! The concept of you kill them before they kill you is right on! The concept that you stand on principle despite national polls is right on!

On this issue I agree with McCain. But whether you agree with him or not, you must admire the man for his courage and leadership, and his willingness to stand by what he thinks is right. All of these characteristics are much needed for someone to lead this country and bring people together. McCain continues to stand above the rest.