Tuesday, November 14, 2006

McCain Takes First Step for 2008 Run

Those of us who believe John McCain is the best candidate for President in 2008 received an early Christmas present. Senator McCain is setting up his 2008 exploratory committee. While officially stating that this is a first step, and that a final decision won’t be made until early next year, all signs point to his running.

Why wouldn’t he? He’s already viewed by many to be a front runner. And after the drubbing the Republicans took in the mid-term elections, it is clear that a candidate is needed that can get back the more moderate voters. And this fact will be a key frustration to the more right wing of the Republican Party. Do they support a proven conservative that is more moderate on some issues and is proven to be able to win moderate voters back to the republican camp? Or do they fight to push a more right-wing candidate that will risk the Republicans losing non only congress, but the White House as well?

This will be a very interesting campaign. I can see the evangelical wing of the party wanting to stay far to the right, but believe the party faithful will vote for the candidate that better insures keeping the White House and winning back congress. I look forward to Senator McCain’s formal announcement of his candidacy. The sooner the better.