Monday, October 02, 2006

NH Politics Tidbits – McCain and Romney

There is an interesting article on the GraniteGrok blog that discusses their view of the top three presidential republican candidates. They give it to McCain, Romney and Giuliani. I happen to agree. McCain has always been strong in New Hampshire, having won the state in the 2000 primary. (Now we just need the rest of the country to follow suit.) Romney, because he is from neighboring Massachusetts, can be viewed as an almost native son. And Giuliani, who continues to ride his positive performance in handling the NYC 9/11 event.

From a NH primary perspective, I worry most about Romney. Too many Mass residents, who have moved up to NH and still think of Ted Kennedy as their senator, might just take the same position on Romney.

An article on the American Spectator discusses the signing of Tom Rath, a long-time NH political activist, as a senior advisor to Romney’s campaign staff. Apparently many devout Catholics are pushing Romney. This article points out that Rath has been behind a couple of lobbying efforts that don’t appear to be favorable to pro-life causes. A second article on discusses Romney’s “uncomfortable balancing act …. in crafting a socially-conservative national profile”. Very interesting discussion on Romney’s actions when the MA Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage.

As the primary gets into full speed next year, we need to make sure that NH voters are informed of each candidate’s track record, and not what they might be running on.