Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Senator McCain Criticized in NH over Terrorist Detainee Issue

Senator McCain took a lot of grief from the right during his recent trip to NH. The NY Times was quick to point out McCain’s differences with the President about the handling of terrorist suspects.

On the other side of this issue, a Navy JAG Officer lashed out at critics of Sen. John McCain in a powerfully worded column in the California Republic. He takes issue both with the dismissive tone with which “McCain & Co.” have been attacked and on matters of the law. It does give another view point to the debate. The California Republic also had another similar article discussing the case against Bush’s policy.

This is a very heated issue. I personally do not support giving these terrorists any protections under the Geneva Convention. They are not soldiers. They are criminals. But I do stop short of supporting torture. Taking the emotion out of it, the right should at least look at the issue from a more centric view. I appreciate where John is on this issue given his years in captivity as a POW. We need to find a solution that meets the needs of securing this country that falls short of torture, and doesn’t jeopardize our own soldiers in future conflicts.