Wednesday, January 24, 2007

McCain, the New Media and the Far Right

John McCain continues to get hit by the far right as not being a true conservative and by those into the ‘new media’ as not being up to the times. Patrick Hynes responded to the ‘new media’ concern very well in a posting on Patrick does a good job detailing how McCain in fact is taking advantage of the new media and I suspect will continue to do as the campaign rolls into high gear.

While you are looking at Patrick’s posting, take a look at some of the comments. They scare me to death! After listening to the democratic response to President Bush’s State of the Union address last night, the last thing the Republican Party needs is a far right candidate to go against Hillary. Anyone who would rather see Hillary as President along with a democratic congress over John McCain is clearly an ideologue and not concerned about fixing the problems in this country. I have stated from my very first posting that I like John because he is a conservative and that “his integrity, honesty, and willingness to listen, coupled with his experience and realistic approach to problem solving” is what this country needs. McCain’s recent statement that he would rather lose an election than lose a war is a perfect example of his integrity and commitment to beliefs. It is unfortunate that some members of our party fail to see the benefit of compromise for the betterment of our country.