Monday, March 19, 2007


Last weekend McCain’s Straight talk Express made a trip to NH. All signs point to a very successful trip including Milford’s Saturday morning event at the end of a snow storm. More details of some of the Senator’s stops can be found on the McCain website and Patrick Hynes’ blog.

I had the pleasure of attending the house party in Bow on Saturday night. It was great to personally meet the Senator again. My last meeting with him was in 2000. My initial reaction was very positive as the Senator looked great. Much better than some of his TV appearances.

McCain personally met with everyone present and introduced his wife. He was very personable and in my case he somehow came around to me a second time and remembered that he had already said hi. So he was paying attention. After meeting everyone the Senator made a brief statement with the war, homeland security and illegal immigration highlighted. He also pointed out his experience and that he “did not need any on-the-job training”. After his talk he took questions on the war, education and veterans issues. I asked the education question pointing out that in 2000 McCain stated that good teachers needed to be paid better, but that we also needed to recognize that some teachers needed to make a career change. In 2000 he had also stated that we needed to raise the bar to better challenge our students and that we couldn’t keep lowering the bar to make everyone feel good. I asked the Senator if he still felt the same way. Not only did he agree with those statements from back in 2000 but stated it is even more important today pointing out that many technology executives are telling him that we only have a ten to fifteen year advantage over India and China in some technologies.

Overall, I continue to be impressed with his overall experience and leadership and his willingness to search for common ground to bring people together. And while I don’t always agree with every position McCain takes, I still believe he is the man this country needs at this time. I urge everyone to get out and meet the Senator as I am sure you will walk away with a better understanding of his candidacy.